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WAVES OF TRAGEDY:  South Asia & East Africa Earthquake and Tsunamis Relief

Magic 96.1 listeners and staff have a long tradition of helping those in need.  Therefore we are donating this space to provide reliable information about how to help in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis of December 26, 2004.  News accounts make it seem either an impossible task or one so large that any help you might offer is insignificant.  Neither is true.  Your donation of any amount to one or more of the agencies listed below will swiftly be put to good use.





The Band of Gold Lends a Hand!

The Band of Gold rocked the house at their "HAVE A HEART FOR HUMANITY VALENTINES BENEFIT CONCERT" which was a night of great music that raised a pile of cash for the Red Cross Tsunami Fund Saturday night February 12th, 2005.   If you'd like to read more about the event just click on BAND OF GOLD ONLINE.  We salute The Band of Gold for donating their valuable time and talents to this noble cause!   

 Links to Relief Agencies Responding to the Crisis

(Includes agencies delivering emergency aid now and those committed to long term rebuilding programs)

PLEASE NOTE:  The American Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have announced that they have now raised approximately 1.2 Billion dollars, which they judge to be sufficient to meet all their needs in  providing Red Cross services to Tsunami/Earthquake victims in South Asia and East Africa.  They are encouraging those who wish to support Red Cross efforts to donate to YOUR LOCAL RED CROSS CHAPTER'S own Local Disaster Fund, which is used to provide disaster relief services in your own home community.  Or, the Red Cross suggests you could make a donation to their national general disaster fund, which is used to meet emergency disaster caused needs yet to come anywhere in the United States or U.S. territories.  Contact your local Red Cross office for further information.  Other agencies listed below however still need help!   

Tips for Safe & Effective Donating 

This is the greatest natural disaster in modern history and the ability of every disaster relief agency to mitigate the suffering have been overwhelmed and indeed will remain so in the immediate future.  They all need financial help immediately.  Read the following to make sure your donation goes exactly where you want and actually does what you wish it to do.

More Tsunami/Earthquake & Disaster Relief Information

Satellite Recognizance Before & After Photos -  CLICK HERE  (Click the "BEFORE" button to change to the "AFTER" view.  Then click the "NEXT" button.)

How does your favorite charity rate?  Find out at Charity Watch.Org - CLICK HERE

For more good information about other charities that are helping already or are getting involved, visit:  Network For Good and also visit the USA Freedom Corps website by clicking on the following banner: 

USA Freedom Corps - Make a Difference. Volunteer.

To learn how to prepare for and cope with disasters of all kinds yourself contact your local Red Cross Chapter.  They offer free training to help you and your family get ready just in case.  You can even volunteer as a Disaster Relief worker yourself through your local Red Cross.  Check your telephone directory under American Red Cross or under Red Cross and call them.  They will set up free disaster preparedness training for you, your family or your group!

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